Cost Resource

Getting to the Bottom Line:
20 Cost Questions for Digital Preservation

The MetaArchive Cooperative has worked with inquiring libraries, archives, and other memory organizations, as well as with its own members for over a decade to respond transparently to many of the questions they have about the cost of doing digital preservation.

We are pleased to make available these 20 Cost Questions to assist institutions with their comparative analyses of various digital preservation solutions. Features and functionality are important, but those are often the easy pieces of information to learn about. Identifying and comparing short- and long-term costs, including a variety of up-front, recurring, and sometimes hidden fees, can make Getting to the Bottom Line a difficult task.

Below are some examples of the many questions we encourage organizations to present to prospective solution providers.

  1. What are the solution provider’s licensing, subscription or membership fees? 
  2. Do any fees paid (licensing/subscription/membership/storage) include geographically distributed copies of our content?
  3. Is there a charge for retrieving content from the solution?
  4. In terms of sustainability, does the solution provider have a strategic plan, succession plan, or disaster recovery plan?

To get the full list of questions, Download the Handout.