Boston College

Bill Donovan, Boston College

As Digital Imaging and Curation Manager at Boston College, Bill Donovan oversees all of Boston College's digitization infrastructure (from inter-library loan scanning to digitizing special collections). Donovan manages Boston College's ETD (Electronic Thesis & Dissertation) program. And, he leads the College's efforts on Digital Preservation. These roles enable him to help create BC’s digital collections and to ensure that they can be discovered, accessed, and used by future scholars and patrons.

Bill Donovan has been on the MetaArchive Steering Committee since 2008. He has been an active member of the Preservation Committee. Donovan has given several presentations, primarily at ETD conferences, explaining the use of distributed digital preservation for graduate scholarship. He has also helped write one chapter in “Guidance Documents for Lifecycle Management of ETDs”. These experiences have been a catalyst for learning from others and thereby becoming better at what he does.