Penn State University

Ben Goldman, Penn State University

Ben Goldman is the Digital Records Archivist at Penn State University Libraries. In addition to managing and preserving born-digital material in Special Collections, Goldman leads a variety of digital preservation initiatives across the Libraries' organization, including Hydra/Fedora-based archival repository development, web archiving (using the Archive-It service), and the development of digital preservation and curation policies and practices (as co-chair the Libraries' Digital Preservation Strategies Team). He also serves as main contact for the Libraries’ participation in distributed digital preservation consortia, including the MetaArchive Cooperative.

Ben Goldman has served on the Steering Committee since 2014, and has not yet served on any sub-committees.  What interests Goldman most about MetaArchive is its maturity, both in terms of digital preservation strategies, but also in terms of community organization. As Penn State seeks to mature its digital preservation infrastructure, being a part of these conversations has been enormously helpful.