Virginia Tech

“The MetaArchive Cooperative is one of the few library-led digital preservation organizations that is building infrastructure inside as well as between libraries. Our librarians and technologists are learning and growing as we interact with other MetaArchive partners.”

- Tyler Walters, Dean of University Libraries, Virginia Tech Libraries

Penn State

“Penn State has invested heavily in building digital collections from the work of our students and faculty and from digitizing our special collections.  While collection building has largely been a local act, preserving them, however, has required us to consider a new approach, one that is more explicitly built on establishing networks of trust and shared responsibility.  MetaArchive has provided Penn State with more than preservation methods.  It also gives us the chance to learn from experts in the field located across the entire network.”

- Mike Furlough, Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communications and Co-Director, Office of Digital Scholarly Publishing, Penn State University Libraries

Florida State University

“Florida State University (FSU) has been one of the collaborative project partners with MetaArchive since 2004. MetaArchive, a distributed digital preservation network, was selected for its intellectual merit and broader impact of addressing the data deluge and need for the preservation of digital content whether “born-digital” or “digitized”.  FSU has been and continues to be impressed with MetaArchive’s advancement in digital preservation strategy along with addressing the concerns of authentication, integrity, and security of digital content contributed and preserved over the distributed digital preservation network.

MetaArchive is among the leading US exemplars in digital preservation and FSU is proud to have some of its scholarly and special collections digital content preserved via MetaArchive.”

- Sammie Morris, Associate Director for Special Collections and Archives, Florida State University Libraries

University of Louisville

“Working with the MetaArchive over the last several years has proven that community-based and community-governed approaches to digital preservation work. The MetaArchive and its community of contributors and innovators have pioneered administrative, legal, and technology strategies that demonstrate sustainable techniques and secure the enduring preservation of irreplaceable cultural resources and memories.”

- Dwayne K. Buttler, Evelyn J. Schneider Endowed Chair for Scholarly Communication, University of Louisville

Boston College

“As digital preservation manager at Boston College, I have come to appreciate the value of belonging to a network of like-minded institutions who work closely together for their mutual benefit. Collaboration with the fellow members of the MetaArchive Cooperative has enabled BC to implement a promising digital preservation program in less than three years, something we would never have done if relying solely on our limited in-house resources. The collective expertise of the MetaArchive group has helped to deepen our understanding of the many challenges in establishing a sustainable digital preservation program. The steady progress of this group in becoming a trustworthy repository (and not dependent on commercial interests) reassures us that our university's participation has been amply rewarded.”

- William Donovan, Digital Preservation Manager, Boston College

Indiana State University

“From the moment I heard Katherine Skinner [Executive Director] speak about the MetaArchive Cooperative, I knew that I had finally encountered kindred spirits—people who care deeply about the stewardship of digital material. As the manager of a large collaborative digital memory project I am acutely aware of the fragility of the digital assets so easily created. I lobbied and talked and talked and lobbied until the dean of my library agreed to support a digital preservation initiative that included membership in the Cooperative. As a sustaining member, Indiana State University has an opportunity not only to learn and exercise good curatorship of its own collections, but is able to assist other like-minded institutions in their endeavors. The MetaArchive Cooperative is a community of dedicated people who possess the vision and good sense to think beyond immediate use; people who know that together we can leverage our abilities and resources to attain the common goal of actively preserving digital assets at a modest cost.”

- Cinda May, Chair of University Digital & Archival Services, Indiana State University