February 1, 2019

Washington Research Library Consortium

The Washington Research Library Consortium is excited to work with the MetaArchive Cooperative to protect our partners’ valuable and diverse digital collections. In an assessment of the current state of digital preservation practices and services we conducted in 2017, a gap common to most partners was a lack of redundant geographically distributed data storage. MetaArchive membership will allow us to meet that need while improving our overall preservation processes and workflows with the help of a supportive and experienced community.

May 15, 2017

Virginia Tech University Libraries

Virginia Tech is in the MetaArchive Cooperative because we value community-supported digital preservation strategies. MetaArchive strengthens our digital preservation services to better support the range, complexity, and scale of content managed by VT Libraries. It helps us meet our needs, as well as the needs of the larger community.

May 15, 2017

University of Louisville Libraries

For the University of Louisville, being part of the MetaArchive community has provided many benefits. It has given us a proven method for preserving our digital content, as well as a voice in decisions affecting the content and the governance of the cooperative. We have also found colleagues to collaborate with on other projects and troubleshoot digital preservation questions and issues.

May 15, 2017

Rockefeller Archive Center

We really like that MetaArchive supports a variety of technical infrastructures at flexible membership levels, allowing us to participate with the infrastructure and expertise that we have now. Having a voice in shaping the direction of the cooperative is also important. We’ve participated in different MetaArchive member groups in the past and had the opportunity to weigh in on initiatives.

May 15, 2017

Purdue University Libraries

Our institution came to MetaArchive because it is community based, affordable, and allows us to be curators of our own content. I love the community aspect of membership. It is so valuable to hear different perspectives on preservation issues, and as one of the only people working in digital preservation in my department, it makes the job seem less lonely. Since content is managed locally by each member institution, the decision-making power rests with those closest to the community generating the data and digital objects, increasing its value and sustainability.

May 15, 2017

Oregon State University

The MetaArchive Collaborative provides Oregon State University Libraries and Press with the highest level of long term preservation for our most endangered digital resources at an affordable price. We especially value MetaArchive’s commitment to serving a diversity of cultural heritage institutions and the ability to contribute to the development of policies and services in a constantly changing technology landscape.

May 15, 2017

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

A true preservation network puts value on digital assets, secures our data against natural and man-made disasters, and gives us a window into a complicated and devout environment. We couldn’t do this on our own and now we’re a part of a much bigger network. MetaArchive helps us stay strongly committed to the digital preservation community, it’s available and affordable.

May 15, 2017

California Polytechnic State University

The collections we ingest into MetaArchive largely include born-digital objects and digitized copies of audio/visual recordings, and these kinds of collections are at risk for all sorts of loss and damage. MetaArchive provides a trusted way to preserve these at-risk digital collections in a long-term fashion. The trust stems from the fact that MetaArchive is composed of peer, cultural heritage institutions that are on the same wavelength, and that we have a voice on the way the organization is run. This all gives us peace of mind.