MetaArchive Documentation

  • Cooperative Charter
    Outlines the mission, goals, and organizing principles of the MetaArchive Cooperative; lists membership levels; and details the roles and responsibilities in this evolving collaborative paradigm.
  • Membership Agreement
    Describes the terms of the agreement made between members of the MetaArchive Cooperative.
  • Technical Specifications
    An overview of the current recommendations and requirements for administering a preservation cache for the MetaArchive Cooperative, including staffing and hardware.
  • Governance Procedures
    Detailed description of MetaArchive governance including roles, responsibilities, and terms of leadership and committee groups.
  • MetaArchive Trustworthy Digital Repository Audit
    MetaArchive worked with a contract consultant to carry out a Trusted Repositories Audit & Certification (TRAC) self assessment. This checklist report details its conformance and the evidence cited for each criteria addressed.
  • Getting to the Bottom Line: 20 Cost Questions for Digital Preservation
    A list of questions to assist institutions with identifying and comparing short and long-term costs of digital preservation solutions.
  • Digital Preservation Policy Template
    A template to help institutions get started in developing a local digital preservation policy.

Member Workflows

The below workflow maps illustrate the step-by-step processes MetaArchive Cooperative members utilize during their digital curation and preservation activities. These workflows were produced as part of an ongoing project to assist MetaArchive members in documenting the current people, systems, and tools involved in curating and preserving digital content.


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Research & Development

Distributed digital preservation methods and implementations continue to evolve across the libraries, archives, and museum fields. The MetaArchive Cooperative continues to engage in research and development activities with member institutions and other partners to advance digital preservation practices.

ETDplus (2014-2017)
Funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services, ETDplus builds on the momentum of the Lifecycle Management of ETDs project to research and build tools to help manage a growing challenge in ETD programs: the creation and submission of materials beyond the PDF of a thesis or dissertation. More »

Chronicles II: Born Digital News Preservation (2014-2015)
With funding from National Endowment for the Humanities, Chronicles II brought together representatives from critical stakeholder communities (newspaper publishers, press associations, journalism schools, and memory organizations) into structured conversation and debate to foster better understandings of each group’s perspectives, goals, and barriers to collaborative work for the purpose of preserving born-digital newspaper content. More »

IMLS ETD Lifecycle Management (2011-2013)
The Institute for Museum and Library Services is providing funding to enable MetaArchive to study and address the preservation and curation challenges presented by Electronic Theses and Dissertations collections. More »

NEH Chronicles in Preservation (2011-2013)
Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Chronicles project will study, document, and model the use of data preparation and distributed digital preservation frameworks to collaboratively preserve digitized and born-digital newspaper collections. More »

NHPRC Sustainable Preservation (2008-2011)
Funding from the National Historical Publications and Records Commission enabled MetaArchive to transition from a project to an ongoing, sustainable program.

NDIIPP Project (2004-2011)
With generous support from the Library of Congress’s National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, MetaArchive became a distributed digital preservation community that fosters and promotes the long-term curation of digital assets.

For Members

Getting Started

  • Meet our Community Facilitator and Leadership Team
  • Review How DDP Works and Resources
  • Talk to the Community Facilitator about:
    • Identifying your institutional representatives and roles
      • Primary Representative: This is the designated MetaArchive voting representative for the organization, and the primary point of contact.
      • Technical Lead: This is the person tasked with coordinating technical work on behalf of the organization, including cache administration (if applicable), web server administration, and ingests.
      • Invoicing Contact: This is the primary contact for invoicing for membership and storage fees.
    • Sharing your contact info
    • Subscribing to our communications
    • Requesting access to tools and documents
    • Scheduling a technical orientation
    • Joining our calls and Committees


  • Follow us on Twitter @metaarchive
  • Community and Committee listservs:
    • Main list: metaarchive (at) metaaarchive (dot) org
    • Documentation Committee: ma_docs (at) metaarchive (dot) org
    • Technical Committee: ma_technical (at) metaarchive (dot) org
    • Outreach and Membership Services Committee: ma_outreach_comm (at) metaarchive (dot) org
  • Technical support: support (at) or techsupport (at) metaarchive (dot) org
  • Community Facilitator: support (at) educopia (dot) org


MetaArchive Documentation

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