Quarter 2 Report: MetaArchive Transformation Research Team

July 2, 2024

Executive Summary

The Transition Research Team, composed of leadership from the MetaArchive Community and Educopia, and the LOCKSS Program Team began planning and implementing necessary steps for MetaArchive’s sunset, preservation planning for members, and asset disposition. At the end of the 2nd quarter, planning activities and initial information sharing were completed through weekly meetings, one-on-one member interviews, exploration of new pathway options, and internal and external information sharing. MetaArchive is financially on track to meet the 2024 budget, continuing to inform the sunsetting process.

Major Activities

  1. Closed the Community Research Task Force (CRTF) in April to begin planning for MetaArchive’s transformation. For more information on the CRTF see the blog post MetaArchive’s Community Research Task Force is Planning for the Future of the Community.
  2. Instated the Transition Research Team (TRT), charged with bringing  together the expertise, perspectives, and efforts of all MetaArchive key stakeholder groups to determine clear, feasible merging/migration/sunsetting pathways for MA members so decisions can be made by the members at end of Q3 2024, and those decisions can be implemented beginning in January 2025.
  3. Identified initial pathways to explore, including a full MetaArchive merger, reforming MetaArchive, and individual member adoptions by other PLNs.
  4. Hosted Member 1:1s to engage with each member and their representatives to determine individual context, requirements, and potential pathways. Results from these discussions were synthesized and reported back to the MetaArchive community.
  5. Hosted open Office Hours for members to meet specifically with MetaArchive Leadership Team members to gain member-to-members insights, feedback, and concerns.


To support open and transparent communication about the processes and decisions from the TRT, we have issued deliverables targeted for member representatives, their supervisors and administrators, and the greater digital preservation and PLN community. 

For Members (internal to MetaArchive Members)

For Community

3rd Quarter Goals

  • Cluster Calls
    Based on the member 1:1s and the subsequent LOCKSS-recommended matrix for individual member adoption by other PLNs, the TRT is coordinating cluster calls with prospective adopters and adoptees. These calls will take place in July 2024 and synthesized results will be reported to the community. Anticipated Completion: August 2024.
  • Customized Content Transfer Plans
    The cluster calls will inform the actionable processes and plans for how each member will transfer content out of MetaArchive and to their chosen destination. These plans will be finalized in collaboration with each member and presented to the community. Anticipated Completion: September 10, 2024 Community Call.
  • Asset Disposition Mapping
    To ensure smooth transitions, the TRT is reviewing MetaArchive assets, including financial, documentation, platforms, technology, and other business documents, to determine retention, archive, and transfer plans for each asset. Anticipated Completion: August 2024.
  • Sunsetting Budget and Plan Revision
    Building on the long-term budget planning from the CRTF, the TRT is revising the sunsetting budget to ensure there are sufficient funds for a year-long sunset plan to better support member needs. Anticipated Completion: August 2024.

Additional questions and comments may be directed to the MetaArchive Leadership Team (ma_leadership@metaarchive.org) or the TRT (ma_trt@educopia.org).